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25th July 2015 Sandra

The other day it occurred to me that I also collect trays. My eyes have been annoyed for a while by our budget option shoe rack that really needed a cheer up. During my summer sort out (and yes, I actually DO discard things. Sometimes… – And thank you to The Minimalists for nudging me towards a life with less clutter! – Read these posts about their 21-day journey into minimalism and get inspired) I was on my way to say goodbye to a brown plastic tray that served no purpose and I passed the shoe rack. And the tray sort of placed itself on the rack and I was like : hey! I’ve got more no-purpose-trays!

So now they serve a fine purpose: they make our TJUSIG shoe rack from IKEA look more organised and a bit vintage at the same time. (TJUSIG also comes in black)

Look for old trays and drawers at fleamarkets – when you use them for shoe display it doesn’t matter that they have seen some action. You can also use the lids from fancy shoe boxes. Or low baskets… or fruit boxes etc.


I also use this (some would say worn out – I would say mighty fine) drawer as a book shelf.

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