One of my absolute favorites from BOSS is this envelope. Front is titled: “FCK-Røvtårn” meaning FCK Ass Tower (FCK is a Danish top league soccer team). I never saw asses stacked into a tower before but this constellation makes bizarre sense to me. I assume the crowd is angry because top lady’s ass is too small.

Back is called “BROBROBRILLE MED KVINDE & REJER”. Bro Bro Brille is the Danish equivalent of London Bridge is Falling Down. So it sort of translates into London Bridge is Falling Down with woman & prawns.

I’ll call it an advanced + adult version of this singing game.

Inside the envelope was this little love letter:

“Karsten’s cure for cows with collywobbles is dried herbs – and clearly the cow in the picture is eager to try”

“Hm, turquoise or blue top?” Editor Helle can’t seem to make up her mind

“Welcome to the frontpage! Blond hair, a top as blue as the sky and bare feet. Let’s shoot the summer frontpage!”

“Fashion-Charlotte adjusts Emilie and then she’s ready for the flashlights”

And for the grand finale an old photograph transformed into a dog faced party

– I ♥ BOSS

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