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THE DIY BIKE BASKET | Sandra Jouatte


10th July 2015 Sandra

I’ve always had a hard time finding a bike basket that was practical, big and sturdy enough and nice at the same time. One day my dear friend BOSS gave me a discarded shopping basket and it turned out to be a perfect match for my bike.

The basket is attached with two cable ties (- also go by the name zip tie. Find them in your local hardware store or here at Amazon.com). Ask for a basket with a broken handle at your supermarket, since you don’t need a functioning handle.

Attach, adjust and cut – easy peasy, that’s it.

Be sure to use big size strips (7 mm wide) otherwise they will break when you load the basket with heavy stuff.

Oh, and by the way… during my research for bike baskets I came across some cool alternatives: check out this front rack from Steco – ideal for mounting e.g. a wooden basket that otherwise would be difficult to attach to your bike. And this rad solution from Copenhagen Parts: Bike Porter – integrated handlebar and basket! And bicycling.com: “9 beautiful bike baskets”…

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  1. […] PS. The wonderful bike basket on BOSS’ bike is also made with the shopping basket method – for DIY info: see my post on bike baskets […]

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