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LET’S GO CHESTNUTS | Sandra Jouatte


13th October 2015 Sandra

I – Collector of Many Things – say: Don’t throw away old nail polish! -it might come in handy some day. (I actually did pay for and wear that metallic blue… sometime in the 90’s) And spot on: now some 20 years of keeping later it did – and my daughter was thrilled!

I – Minimalist – say: Not very likely will you ever need or use 25 old nail polishes. Use the nail polish you already have for normal use (and daughter will still be thrilled)

Lots of wonders fall to the ground right now – enjoy the abundance: Select your (girlish) gear and easily pimp up your figurine possibilities.

-Glue gun  (you can get one for kids like this one – with low temperature glue)
-Turkey lacers for making holes
-Plastic eyes
-Nail polish
-Decorative items like pearls, feathers, glitter, flowers etc (We also tried with popcorn, but the temptation to eat them was to overwhelming)

You can use to the glue gun to make lips – wait until the glue is almost dry and shape it with a toothpick. Color the lips with nail polish. The glue is also useful to increase the stability of the chestnuts.

See my Pinterest board ‘Autumn Crafts’ for more ideas and inspiration

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