- Collector of Many Things


    Bird species remind me of different human types and personas. What a variety – from down-to-earth ducks to the elegant humming-bird. From the flexible flamingo to the wild birds of prey. From domestic to majestic, from slow to speedy, from neutral to color explosion…

    So this goes out to the women who are referred to as birds, chicks, swans etc. In Danish a mother who neglects her children is “a raven mother”. A gathering of talking women is called “the chicken yard” and the term an old bat translates in Danish to “an old heron”…

    These lady birds live in a world of self promotion and body hype and they’re hopelessly drawn to the sinful sugar.

    I’m trying out different backgrounds for the bird collages, still chasing the perfect match…


    By in DIY

    I – Collector of Many Things – say: Don’t throw away old nail polish! -it might come in handy some day. (I actually did pay for and wear that metallic blue… sometime in the 90’s) And spot on: now some 20 years of keeping later it did – and my daughter was thrilled!

    I – Minimalist – say: Not very likely will you ever need or use 25 old nail polishes. Use the nail polish you already have for normal use (and daughter will still be thrilled)

    Lots of wonders fall to the ground right now – enjoy the abundance: Select your (girlish) gear and easily pimp up your figurine possibilities.

    -Glue gun  (you can get one for kids like this one – with low temperature glue)
    -Turkey lacers for making holes
    -Plastic eyes
    -Nail polish
    -Decorative items like pearls, feathers, glitter, flowers etc (We also tried with popcorn, but the temptation to eat them was to overwhelming)

    You can use to the glue gun to make lips – wait until the glue is almost dry and shape it with a toothpick. Color the lips with nail polish. The glue is also useful to increase the stability of the chestnuts.

    See my Pinterest board ‘Autumn Crafts’ for more ideas and inspiration


    A couple of years ago I joined a challenge group. We meet 4 times a year and two people arrange the challenges. Very little is revealed to the group about the challenge beforehand. My debut in the challenging team was to make everybody throw themselves from a speeding RIB boat and afterwards to go for aikido lessons. All they were told was the address of a pick up point and to bring a towel, swimsuit and a headband.

    Getting ready for my turn…

    There’s a special technique to enter the water. One person lie on each side of the boat holding one with one hand. On a signal both people let go and roll over the edge with their hands behind the head. This way you don’t hurt yourself, instead it allows your body to surf the waves from the boat. It’s quite a challenge to believe this and actually let go, but when you do it’s really something of a splashy rollercoaster ride! (We went with Lars Bo from An Aalborg based company, but available for hire in all of Danish coast areas. Highly recommendable!)

    In the water I team up with my buddy and the boat comes back to pick us up…

    Yay!!! I did it! And I want to have another go 🙂

    After a wet and wild morning and a fine lunch we took the group to a nearby school, where an aikido team was waiting to teach us something about self defence… Aikido is a Japanese martial art concerned with the well being of the opponent. The trick is to redirect the force of your opponents attack to use it against him/her. It’s extremely effective when performed in the correct manner, but of course it takes a LOT of practice…

    All photos by Karen Albæk and me.


    Yesterday I was working in Copenhagen and fortunately I was able to borrow BOSS’ bicycle. I was going from one end of the city to the other and on my way I passed two building sites – and they both had really cool fence decoration.

    This is “Alone We Break under A Heavy Weight” by artist Rikke Lydeking. It’s painted on the fence around the metro building site on Sønder Boulevard and it’s part of a “Beautification 2015” project providing 365 meters of temporary art to Vesterbro.

    ‘Endless Night’ by I love the way the sleeping beauty innocently is drifting through infinity…

    This painting is by Italian artist Alina Vergnano. Simple yet complex female interaction!

    On Vasbygade I passed another art fence. No author on this one – but lovely patterns and colors!

    PS. The wonderful bike basket on BOSS’ bike is also made with the shopping basket method – for DIY info: see my post on bike baskets…


    One of my absolute favorites from BOSS is this envelope. Front is titled: “FCK-Røvtårn” meaning FCK Ass Tower (FCK is a Danish top league soccer team). I never saw asses stacked into a tower before but this constellation makes bizarre sense to me. I assume the crowd is angry because top lady’s ass is too small.

    Back is called “BROBROBRILLE MED KVINDE & REJER”. Bro Bro Brille is the Danish equivalent of London Bridge is Falling Down. So it sort of translates into London Bridge is Falling Down with woman & prawns.

    I’ll call it an advanced + adult version of this singing game.


    Inside the envelope was this little love letter:

    “Karsten’s cure for cows with collywobbles is dried herbs – and clearly the cow in the picture is eager to try”

    “Hm, turquoise or blue top?” Editor Helle can’t seem to make up her mind

    “Welcome to the frontpage! Blond hair, a top as blue as the sky and bare feet. Let’s shoot the summer frontpage!”

    “Fashion-Charlotte adjusts Emilie and then she’s ready for the flashlights”

    And for the grand finale an old photograph transformed into a dog faced party

    – I  ♥  BOSS


    Nature has a meditative effect on me. Same with handlettering. I recently discovered the amazingly talented Jasmine Dowling and I got really inspired by her ink technique and decided to try it out. I adore type, but I often get fed up with sitting in front of my computer all day. Ink, brush and paper is a perfect getaway. And this is an alternative birthday card:

    (Note To Self: Don’t Die is a song title by Ryan Adams. I like the way that this statement is totally obvious and therefore quite funny at first sight. But it has more levels. Because most of us actually don’t want to die – but don’t necessarily always act accordingly.

    And that’s the beauty of it… the implicit contradiction that exists in everything).

    As a parent I’m often horrified by the speed of time with two children growing and developing before me every day. The most effective cure I’ve come across so far is to play. So at the the moment I’m playing with ink. Handlettering and dripping and throwing. This is a page from my “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone with a soft spot for the creative process… It has the ability to make me feel like a happy 5-year-old!

    And then I came to think of my vase with the inscription: “SLÖSA PRAKTFULLT !” It’s weird Swedish for something like Fritter wonderfully – a nice little reminder to not take things too seriously 🙂