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7th October 2015 Sandra

A couple of years ago I joined a challenge group. We meet 4 times a year and two people arrange the challenges. Very little is revealed to the group about the challenge beforehand. My debut in the challenging team was to make everybody throw themselves from a speeding RIB boat and afterwards to go for aikido lessons. All they were told was the address of a pick up point and to bring a towel, swimsuit and a headband.

Getting ready for my turn…

There’s a special technique to enter the water. One person lie on each side of the boat holding one with one hand. On a signal both people let go and roll over the edge with their hands behind the head. This way you don’t hurt yourself, instead it allows your body to surf the waves from the boat. It’s quite a challenge to believe this and actually let go, but when you do it’s really something of a splashy rollercoaster ride! (We went with Lars Bo from rib-it.dk. An Aalborg based company, but available for hire in all of Danish coast areas. Highly recommendable!)

In the water I team up with my buddy and the boat comes back to pick us up…

Yay!!! I did it! And I want to have another go 🙂

After a wet and wild morning and a fine lunch we took the group to a nearby school, where an aikido team was waiting to teach us something about self defence… Aikido is a Japanese martial art concerned with the well being of the opponent. The trick is to redirect the force of your opponents attack to use it against him/her. It’s extremely effective when performed in the correct manner, but of course it takes a LOT of practice…

All photos by Karen Albæk and me.

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  1. Williamml 7 years ago

    A round of applause for your forum topic.Thanks Again. Much obliged. Kreamalmeyer

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